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New SPSS Forum launched!

Today we launched SPSS Forum. We get a lot of questions from our website, and also a lot of comments with additions / new questions. Some time ago we have asked your help in answering these questions. Will and Lawrence came to our aid and have asked a lot of questions with us since then.

We decided to launch a forum to enable other experts in SPSS to help you out, and to balance the “workload”. :-) The only downside to a new forum is that it is empty. So that’s why we invite you to be the first one to post your questions or tips on SPSS on the forum. No registration required!

1 comment June 12th, 2007 andris

We are looking for an expert in statistics!

In April this year was started by Mark and Andris. We have started the log to help people who are struggling with SPSS. Currently we get 50-70 visitors each day, from all over the world. In the few months of the existing of we have gotten a lot of questions. Very diverse questions, basic questions like “How do I obtain an overall rating score for a number of Likert scale variables?” but also very statistical orientated questions about the many statistical calculations in SPSS.

In our work we do not get much involved with the different statistical analysis and methods. So we do not have much experience or knowledge in that area. We are looking for someone who is willing to answer statistical questions for us. Remember, our work and website is voluntary.

Are you:

- working with SPSS on a daily basis
- experienced in different statistical methods and analysis
- willing to answer 1-2 questions per week on this subject

Please use our contact form and let us know!

9 comments October 10th, 2006 andris

New categories and difficulty rating

We have a great website visitor programme, called Google Analytics. With this we get a lot of information about you, our visitor. Not too personal however, so you don’t have to worry. We get to see what you search for, how long you stay, if you come back and how many times. Also we see on which links you click. We found out that most of the people click on the category “Questions and answers“. We decided that we should you help you a little bit, and give you a more easy search digging into this category. To do so, we have added subcategories in this category, based on the steps people normally take when using SPSS. Every question we answer or tip / trick we write, we will place in one of these subcategories. We hope this will make life with SPSS for you a little bit easier. :)

We have also added a rating to the Questions and answers posts. You can find the rating just below the title of a post. This rating shows what level of SPSS knowledge we think you should have if you can use to use the information in the post. So if you are a beginner, and see a posting with a 4 or 5 star rating, for example “Finding correlations using the Pearson correlation analysis.“, than you know you should stay far away from that one.

Happy SPSS-ing! And oh yeah, Happy Easter for everyone.

April 13th, 2006 andris

Hello world! Here’s :)

We are Mark and Andris, two SPSS users in our daily professional life. We have started this blog simply because there is no SPSS log. At least not one we could find :)
We hope to be of help to all the people using SPSS and looking for information, how-to’s and tips on SPSS.

1 comment March 10th, 2006 andris


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