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March 11th, 2009 andris

SPSSforum.com is forum for users of SPSS. It is owned and set up by SPSS users. Our users have posted a total of 6578 articles, we have 4246 registered users. In this post I will give you the highlights of what was posted on the forum in the last month.

Statistics for beginners
Moderator statman and user sask respond to a question posed by user phl about response in market research. Phl explains he is using a pen and paper survey and uses a lot of methods to remind people. Suggested options to improve response are doing mixed mode (paper and internet) and several types of methods to send a reminder. Also books of Don Dillman are suggested since he gives good advice on raising your response rates.

Student2008 has used SPSSforum to ask for advice on performing a priori power analysis to determine the appropriate sample size of his research study. The information Student2008 gives however is not enough to answer the question. He is directed by sasky and statman to the free to use software G*Power.

Coding SPSS Syntax
Fierce gives user Administratore the SPSS Syntax to reverse the scores of a 5 point Likert-scale.

Gershon asks wether it is possible to ouput charts side-by-side using syntax and if graphs can be exported. Moderator Fierce says it is not possible to put charts side-by-side, no matter if you use syntax or not. It is however possible to export your output with syntax.

Modifying SPSS Output
A question of a user if it is possible to print page numbers in output, was answered by moderator statman. He explains that this option can be found under page set-up (attributes). Adding that all updates for SPSS version 16 should be installed, because there was an issue with printing for V16.

Simon a.k.a. user pssjm3 runs across the problem that in V16 when he produces a table with a continuous variable, it prints to 15 decimal places. Fierce advises to have a look at the decimals for the variable and also to install the available patches and hotfixes for V16.

SPSS for beginners
User Lale wanted to recode several variables as missing if variable A had a missing value as well, using Syntax. The Syntax he is using is correct, but somehow it doesn’t work. Fierce advised Lale to delete the missing value set with variable A and try again. That solved the problem. Because the value was set to missing, the Syntax refering to that value didn’t work.


As you can see a lot of questions are solved in the forum, on many different subjects in SPSS. If you need any help, or if you want to help out others yourself, please join in on http://www.spssforum.com!

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