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January 30th, 2009 andris

SPSSforum.com is forum for users of SPSS. It is owned and set up by users of SPSS. Our users have posted a total of 6032 articles, we have 4292 registered users.

Moderator Fierce and user pvalue explain to user L what could cause the fact that in SPSS 15 he can only enter two digits in a field. It is probably caused by the Width defined for the variable. If that is increased, you can enter more digits than two.

User soeursourire asked about the maximum amount of data that can be enter into SPSS. This is a question we get asked often. Moderators Fierce and statman explain that for SPSS versions 10 or older, 32768 variables and 2,15 billion cases are the max. Starting with SPSS version 10, the maximum number of variables is 2,15 billion, and there is no case limit.

Coding SPSS syntax
In the subforum on SPSS Syntax Fierce helped Liz by explaining how to compute a new variable and use the MAX function in Syntax to get the maximum value in a variable. In the end Liz solved the initial question on how to do the iterative analysis on the data on his / her own and posted the solution in the forum.

Modifying SPSS output
Balanin asked how to add line breaks and titles to SPSS output by means of SPSS Syntax. Statman explained that there are several methods and they differ per version of SPSS. For SPSS 13 you can use TITLE “Your note” or ECHO “Your note”. Balanin found the way to do a page break on the SPSSX discussion groups: TITLE “”.

User dasher asked a question on how to set a value to the tolerance criterion when constructing multiple linear regression model. dasher states that SPSS automatically sets the tolerance to 0.0001, but for him or her that is too low. Fierce gives the option to change this for Mixed Models: When you define Dependant, Factors, etc… You can define this in the “ESTIMATION” area. dasher can’t find this option, so he has to use Syntax. Fierce helps him with that as well: “/CRITERIA=PIN(???) POUT(???) TOLERANCE (<Tolerance value here>)”

As you can see a lot of questions are solved in the forum, on many different subjects in SPSS. If you need any help, or if you want to help out others yourself, please join in on http://www.spssforum.com!

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