How to create a frequency table

May 21st, 2006

The most easy way to present data is to create a table. There are different ways in SPSS to create a table. We will describe the most common way of creating table.
The most common way of creating a table is with the descriptive statistics function. To do this first go to analyze>descriptive statistics>frequencies. This opens the following screen:
Now we drag the question “what is your sex?” into the variables. By clicking ok you will get the following tables:
The first table shows how many valid cases there are and how many there are missing.
The second table shows:
- The 1st column: This shows the value names and the total.
- The 2nd column: This show the frequency of the values.
- The 3rd column: This shows the percentage of the values including the missing cases.
- The 4th column: This shows the percentage of the values excluding the missing cases.
- The 5th column: This shows the cumulative percentage; this can be important information.

Files used for this example: example data sheet SPSS file example questionnaire

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    after I run the frequency table and i find that there are certain data mis entries, is it possible to figure out which cell has the incorrect data from the frequency table in order to correct it?


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