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One sample t-test

Many visitors of our blog are searching for information about the one sample t-test.

You perform a one-sample t-test when you want to determine if the mean value of a target variable is different from a hypothesized value.

To perform a one-sample t-test in SPSS. Choose Analyze>Compare Means>One-sample t-test.


Move the variable of interest to the Test variable(s) box. Change the test value to the hypothesized value. Click the OK button.

The output from this analysis will contain the following sections.

One-Sample Statistics. Provides the sample size, mean, standard deviation, and standard error of the mean for the target variable.

One-Sample Test. Provides the results of a t-test comparing the mean of the targetvariable to the hypothesized value.

A significant test statistic indicates that the sample mean differs from the hypothesized value. This section also contains the upper and lower bounds for a 95% confidence interval around the sample mean.

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