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100% stacked bar graph problem

This Friday we got a question from Els, who has a problem with making her stacked bar graphs look good:

“As a trainee I am now analysing the results of a customer satisfactory investigation. Many people advised me to use SPSS, so I did.

Most of the questionnaire questions are built the same way (very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, satisfied, very satisfied).

The report will be devised in subjects (price, quality, reaction speed,etc). Each subject contains around 5 questions.

For each subject I made a horizontal graph in which all 5 questions regarding that subject are being displayed. This way I will analyze around 5 questions in each graph, as in this example.


The stacked graphs I made myself are horizontal, 100% stacked, so the bar fills the entire graph horizontally (like in the example). So far, so good, it looks great!

Then the problem: Inside the bars I would like to show the exact percentage over that question.(like in the example).

The problem is, that these figures are incorrect. Now I see the percentage concerning the entire graph, all the questions together, in stead of per question.

Can you tell me what I have to do to change the figures inside the bars from a percentage over the entire graph to a percentage over the bar?”

To solve the problem we will describe step by step how to make a 100% stacked bar chart, and how to get the exact percentages into it. First select Tables > Tables of frequencies.

Now drag the five questions you want to make graphs for to Frequencies for. Click on statistics and choose percent. Click ok, and you are back at the ‘tables of frequencies’ screen. By clicking ok again you will get a table.
Select the table by double-clicking, then click the right-mouse button and select create graph > bar. Now you will get the following screen (click on the picture to show the screen shot in full size):

Click at the red marked button in the picture above. In this screen you can change the option cluster after ‘color’ into stack. Go back to the graph and click on the button Horizontale orientation.

After this you have to double click on one of the bars. A new screen will open. In this screen you can click on values in bar labels. Now you can choose the location of the percent value. Now click on inside base and then click ok. Then you will have 100% stacked bars, with the exact percentage on that question inside.

Do you also need an answer to your SPSS question, submit your question here.

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